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Through asking students to ‘Be Your Best’ we also encourage them to develop a wide range of talents and interests. Every year we have a formal process of selecting our student leaders within the school. We also encourage students to participate in annual public speaking events, sporting activities and musical productions. These school traditions are important as they encourage character development. Future employers, universities and many other work organisations are always interested to know if students have displayed or taken part in roles of leadership within a school. It is an honour and prestigious if students are assigned roles of leadership (such as School Captain) and with such titles often comes responsibilities. Our student leaders within the school are expected to assist with the coordination of many events throughout the year and it is often very exciting to see their character development as they progress throughout their schooling years.

Expectations of Students
The following expectations are aimed at ensuring a safe, secure learning environment in which students and staff can achieve to their full potential. Students who choose to engage in behaviours contrary to those listed can expect that consequences will follow.
At all times students are expected to behave in a way that respects the rights, welfare and property of others. As such, the following behaviours are expected – 
• We should treat others as we would like to be treated - by being polite and well mannered at all times. 
• It is unfair and unacceptable to interfere with the learning of other students and so courteous and orderly behaviour is expected at all times.
• Harassment, intimidation and aggression prevent others from enjoying a safe, friendly and productive working environment. 
• We don't accept swearing and put downs are not acceptable. Abusive or offensive language is insulting and demeaning. 
• Respect school property and the property of others. Taking or using other people's property without their permission is inconsiderate and inappropriate.
• We expect students to comply promptly with reasonable requests and instructions from teachers and to cooperate and support them to achieve their best with all students.
• Being on time to class, to assembly and to other timetabled activities is important because it means that you are able to participate fully without disrupting others.
• Keeping up to date with your work and completing your homework and assignments on time is a key to your success in schooling.
• In order to minimise disruption to other classes, we ask that, unless otherwise directed by the class teacher, students should wait quietly outside the classroom at the beginning of a class until the teacher arrives and enters the room with them. 
• Going to your locker between periods or during class time is disruptive to your classmates and the teacher and inefficient use of time. For this reason, it is important to remember to take all necessary equipment to each class.
• The use and/or supply of any drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, within the College, the College grounds or at any College function can adversely affect the rights and enjoyment of others. It would also contravene the rules of the Department of Education and Early Childhood development. In the interests of the health and well-being of all, smoking or other drug use is not allowed at school, at College functions or when you are travelling to and from school. Similarly, students must not attend the College or any College function under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• As we have a ‘duty of care’ and are responsible for the wellbeing of all students during the school day, there are conditions under which students are allowed to leave either the classroom or the College grounds. These are outlined separately and there are consequences for students who choose not to accept these conditions.
• School Uniform is an important aspect of College life. We expect you to wear full school uniform at all times (including on excursions unless otherwise advised). You should explain to your Form/Home Group teacher and/or Coordinator if you are out of uniform for any reason. Whilst uniform is only (technically) compulsory for students in Years 5-12, we really enjoy seeing students in the Early Years in school uniform as well. We can help you with the purchase of uniform if there are problems.
• When in PE or Sport classes, it is appropriate for students to be changed into suitable clothing such as the prescribed sport uniform. Students in Years 5 – 12 cannot participate unless they have changed into suitable sports clothing. Early Years students should wear appropriate shoes and may wear their sports uniform to school on days that they have Sport or Physical Education.
• We are concerned for the students’ safety and our SunSmart policy requires all students to wear a broad-brimmed school hat whenever they are out in the sun during (at least) Terms 1 and 4. Hats should be taken to class so that they can be worn when moving from one area of the College to another. Caps do not provide sufficient protection against harmful UV Rays.
• Sensible, safe and considerate behaviour is expected on all College excursions or camps and whilst travelling on the buses. As such, the behaviour described above is expected in those situations as well. 

Student Code of Conduct 
At Wycheproof P-12 College we believe that - 
• All students should be valued and treated with respect.
• Students have a right to work in a secure environment where they are able to develop their talents, interest and ambitions without disruption or intimidation.
• Parents should expect that their children will be educated in a secure environment in which care, courtesy and respect for the rights and property of others are encouraged.
• Teachers should be able to teach in an atmosphere of order and co-operation.
• Parents have an obligation to support the College in its efforts to maintain a productive teaching and learning environment.
• The Principal and Staff have an obligation to implement the Code of Conduct fairly, reasonably and consistently.


2019 Student Leaders, Captains and Vice Captains

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